I like to be creative and to experiment with sounds (like they did in the 60s). I play PRIP (post-retro indie-pop); catchy, acoustic-electric slightly psycho/experimental pop songs with personal lyrics and a lot of backing vocals. I don’t like dull boring music so that’s why most of my songs tend to be short.

I like making music because it is such a versatile hobby; writing, composing, playing, recording. It forces me to try to become better in a lot of fields; I would love to be able to play better guitar (and keyboard) so I’m still practicing. It also encourages me to read literature and poetry, and to closely listen to other music. And it opens the possibility to meet new like-minded people!

if you have an idea for a song just contact me! (I work for free)

Contact me at

My albums: robfromamersfoort. All for free and worldwide available in glorious stereo.

Befriend me at: /rob.stevens.5095



Beatles, Prince, Fiona Apple, Elliott Smith, Harry Nilsson, Michael Penn, Roxy Music, Suzanne Vega, Neil Finn, Suede, Bowie, Liz Phair, Wilco.

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